Originally from Harlem, Ron Brown started his journey as a karate practitioner under Master Kenneth Faulkner at the Ralph J. Rangel houses in 1989. At the age of 14, he earned a black belt in Harlem Goju training under Grand Master Sam McGee and Master Dwayne McGee. He loved the feeling of working towards a goal and seeing success. But, due to politics surrounding a certain fight, he moved away from competition and decided to focus on the science of combat.

With a passion for martial arts fueling him, he studied boxing under Grandmaster Lamarr Thorton, Lak Sao Chuan Fa Lohan Kung Fu under Sifu Rick Moreno, and Miyama Ryu Jiu Jitsu under Israel Gonzalez. He became a trainer at the New York Sports Club, and subsequently a trainer at Equinox where he completed training at the EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute). While there, he studied Muay Thai at Five Points Academy and Kali under Guro Eddie Hunt. During this time, he also taught fitness at a summer camp for kids. He found that not only did he love fitness and wellness, but he enjoyed helping others reach their fitness goals.

Group Fitness Instructor

Throughout his career, Ron has gathered many certifications and continues to educate himself in the world of fitness. He currently works as a group fitness instructor at Equinox & Club Fit

Massage Therapist

Ron is also a massage therapist at Massage Envy. He’s devoted his life to fitness and assisting his clients in reaching their goals in a healthy environment with positive energy surrounding them.

Ron’s Certifications

  • ACSM
  • Trigger point therapy (foam rolling)
  • Prenatal training & postnatal training
  • License in Massage Therapy (including stretching)
  • USA Triathlon
  • Pilates Mat
  • Schwinn Cycling
  • Stages Cycling
  • Precision Nutrition Level One