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Client testimonial


When I started taking classes with Ron almost two years ago, I had two children I could barely keep up with, and was struggling to lose 65 pounds of pregnancy weight. I was also having knee and back issues. I joined Ron’s amazing group fitness classes (Kickboxing and Bootcamp Xtreme) and did some personal training […]

Client Testimonial

Craig Bryant

I was more of a DIY fitness person until I tried Ron’s cycle and H.I.I.T. classes.  He provides tremendous instruction, encouragement, and above all a challenging workout.  His workouts stress proper technique to maximize your workouts. The environment he creates is always conducive to an enjoyable session while still putting in that work.  He also does […]

Jen Trushin

I have been taking Ron’s classes since he started with Club Fit.  I have seen considerable results from his HIIT classes – I get a higher calorie burn from these 45 minute classes then an hour of cardio!  My muscle tone and strength have improved as a result of them.  He is constantly looking for ways […]

Pamela Alex

Ron’s Bootcamps are by far some of the most challenging classes I have ever taken. Cardio, strength, balance, agility and stretching all built into one class. He is knowledgeable about the human body and it shows. His classes not only challenge me but educate me. One of the finest health professionals out there.

Client testimonial

Gary Kerper

Been spinning with Ron for about a year and looked forward to his early morning classes – great energy, mixed up the music and a guaranteed serious calorie burn Been doing peloton for the past month and he is better than the majority of instructors on there!

Katrina Chapins

A leader and motivator, Ron always maintains a positive mental attitude that continues to inspire everyone he comes into contact with. With a vibrant personality, his energy will ignite you to live a better life of self-awareness through physical training. Ron has the type of intensity and energy that will help anyone reach their physical […]


Ron is a consummate professional, able to adapt his massage techniques to any situation or needs that arise. He is a master of physical and mental discipline and has an intuitive knowledge of the body and can organically sense a client’s needs. His techniques of stretch and massage is tailored to your needs. He has […]

Luby Contreras

Ron was the first personal trainer I met at the Club. He always motivates me to keep working hard. He has been very patient when he needs to explain me the routines in detail. I love all the classes has taught me. Ron is an excellent professional who encourages me not give up and pushed […]